ALL Parents are Welcome in My Studio….


This is a photo I took three years ago of my youngest son. Rainbows symbolize many things…joy and beauty after a storm, a miracle baby who arrives after loss, God’s promises to us and love, unity within a community, and of course Pride for the LGBTQ+ community.
Both of my boys were miraculous rainbow babies, and they were definitely the rainbows after my own storm. I didn’t ever expect I would be able to have children, so they were a tremendous blessing. I want to make sure that both of my boys know that family comes in all shapes and sizes, and no matter who they decide to marry, they can still have a family if they want one someday. Then recently, my littlest asked me “how can two husbands have a baby? How come you never take pictures of two husbands with a new baby?”
I realized after talking to my son, that I felt horribly awful for never directly stating that my photo studio is a safe and welcoming place for ALL parents, especially those in the LGBTQ+ community. I explained to my little rainbow-hearted boy that I guess I’ve never taken any pictures of two husbands with their new babies because I never told the world that all families are welcome here. He responded, “so tell everyone!!!”
In addition to making sure that it is known that my studio is a safe and welcoming place, I am also going to donate 10% of all sessions for babies of queer parents to @trevorproject . The next generation is watching and I want to show them that they can be and do anything they want when they grow up. ❤️️‍

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