Why I Love Studio Maternity Sessions

One of the things I love most about maternity sessions in my studio is that it allows me to pay closer attention to how my client is feeling. A lot of times lately, maternity photography has become about the location, and over the past several years I have started enjoying studio maternity more than maternity sessions out somewhere in a forest or field, or even at the beach (although I do love my favorite little beach spot!).
When one of my clients is having a challenging pregnancy, my studio and my studio garden provide the perfect location. I designed them around my own very challenging pregnancy experiences. So if one of my mamas is not up for a ton of walking, or even needs to stay on modified bed rest for the session, I am still able to provide plenty of options that will be easy on my clients. Because honestly, many times pregnancy is challenging enough, and while you don’t feel great, you still want to document the journey in a beautiful way! I sure know with my first son, I definitely was not up to going on some hike or going to the beach for my photos.
I went through the ringer with my own pregnancies, so I feel like those very challenging experiences have led to me to be more attuned to what my clients are going through. From feeling sick from hormone supplements, to frequent fainting, HG, bed rest, heart problems, blood sugar problems, SPD, and on and on…you name it, I am unfortunately all too familiar. The silver lining of going through all that…I realized I can now very easily spot when a client isn’t feeling well during a session. This sweet mama suddenly started feeling faint during her session and we took breaks so she could rest. I immediately recognized that look on her face…I remember passing out several times when I was pregnant and wanted to make sure we took the session at her pace.
I absolutely love the photos of her next to my flower wall in my studio! Can’t wait to share more. <3 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_3578
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