Behind the Scenes – Before & After Maternity Photo Retouching

I loved being pregnant, but I had a very difficult pregnancy journey. I originally was under the impression that I would never be able to have any babies of my own, so my maternity photos signify a huge accomplishment for me. I took TONS of photos with my last pregnancy because I knew it would be my last. My body has just been through too much and I cannot handle being so sick again from the hormone supplements that I needed. I am so grateful for our two little miracle babies, but I have been a bit sad that my pregnancy journey is over. It took me a year to finally feel like getting back to editing a few more of my own maternity photos because I have been a bit sad about it. I am really enjoying looking back on these amazing days though and remembering the feelings of excitement and anticipation while we waited to meet our sweet little boy. :)

Since I have been through so much with my own pregnancies (everything from strict bed rest to symphysis pubis dysfunction to hyperemesis gravidarum and a bunch of other challenges too). All of those health issues that came up during my pregnancies made it challenging to get the photos that I wanted but they were still so important to me so I made it happen. I know often times women don’t feel comfortable with how they look while they are pregnant, and I don’t like my clients to worry about that at all before their session. In addition to providing wardrobe and makeup styling for my clients, I also go to great lengths to provide high level retouching for every photo.

I started out working in the fashion industry, and have retouched countless photos. I used to joke that my overtime hours for retouching photos at one job literally paid the entire loan on my old car. :) With my first son, I gained half of my starting body weight during my pregnancy. I felt HUGE. But I knew that with good posing and editing, I wouldn’t have to feel self-conscious about my photos. 😉 With my second son, I had really bad HG and I literally survived the whole pregnancy on Icees and cherry tomatoes. For some reason, those were the only two things that I was able to keep down. As a result, I looked super worn down and malnourished that whole pregnancy.

I would NEVER do this with any of my clients’ photos (so don’t worry that your un-retouched photos are going to show up online at some point!), but I am not embarrassed about using my own photos for a retouching before and after example. :) I want my clients to remember all of the wonderful feelings of being pregnant, and not worry about the dark circles from lack of sleep, etc. :)

Here is one of my own finished photos…I did a particularly heavy edit on this one since I wanted a bit of a painterly feel:

Here is the un-edited before picture, straight out of the camera:
I didn’t like the pose after I tried it out but I liked the expression in this one, so no big deal…easy swap! Here’s a close up of me un-retouched…in all of my dehydrated, sunken lines, dark circle glory. :)

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