Newborn Photo Session Feature Spotlight: Family Wardrobe Styling


I love to pamper my clients, taking care of as much as I can for them. I know that getting out of the house is difficult when you have a new baby, especially when you also have a toddler in tow. One of the features that comes included with our newborn family sessions in our studio is wardrobe styling. We have offered this service for a while now, and I really find that it helps the clients and gives a better finished set of photos. Why do we provide this added service with our sessions? Here’s a little behind the scenes story about our own recent photo….

I have had a really difficult recovery after both of our sons were born. Things that are really rare complications tend to find me like a magnet. I joke that it is because I am just extra “lucky”….my body loves being the 1 in 20,000 statistic of a rare complication. :) So I have been a bit scatterbrained at times.

I wanted to take our own newborn family photo in a field of poppies. Since my boys are 5th generation Californians, I thought that would be a special way to document the occasion. However, we don’t have any poppy fields near where we live. I knew there were lots near where my grandfather lives so we set aside a weekend to go wildflower hunting and bring the new baby to meet his great-grandpa. I pulled wardrobe options for all of us from my studio collection, with a duplicate set of options for all of us in case anyone got dirty, etc.

The first day was a flop. We ran out of light and the fields we were finding were too difficult of a hike for me while I was still having a lot of pain from my c-section recovery. We went home and decided to try again the following day. We went through our routine of bringing in all of the gear out of the car once we got home. The next morning, we loaded back up again and got back out for another long car ride. After we had been driving for a couple of hours, I realized that on this second trip out, we had accidentally left behind one of the bags with the majority of the outfit options!

We were so tired and so overwhelmed that it had taken us a couple of hours to get everyone ready and out the door, and then to make it all worse, I had left behind the bag that I really needed. I almost gave up and just took photos of the boys together, but decided to see what I could scrape together with what we had in the car with us. We definitely were too far from home to go back!

I can’t stand printed tees for photos, but there was my older son in a printed tee in a really bright color! So I decided to make do with the situation at hand and just get the photo anyway, knowing that I had just created a ton of extra editing work for myself. My husband joked about it since our portrait contract specifically mentions that there will be an additional fee for extra extensive editing, such as changing the appearance of clothing.

So we didn’t get the exact photo I had in mind in terms of wardrobe, but we did get something I could work with. :) I don’t ever want my clients to feel that same panicky feeling that I had, which is why we provide wardrobe styling for our newborn sessions! We handle all of the planning details so our clients literally just need to get out the door and get here. Having a baby is enough work…we want our sessions to be as relaxing as possible for our clients! :)

Interested in more information about our newborn sessions? You can find more information on our website here.

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