Goddess of Adventure


I am getting fed up with worrying that other people are being harmed because a bunch of power-crazed lunatic men have been trying for generations to figure out how my ancestors were so incredibly magical. My grandfather warned me that it would be very important for me to speak up publicly once Disney brought renewed attention to the story of The Three Caballeros (through The Legend of The Three Caballeros on Disney+). So here is the big secret…no matter how hard you try, you cannot steal someone else’s magic. It’s up to each of us to learn to manage our own talents and energy.

When I was in college, I stopped one of my favorite hobbies, which was writing about all of my own adventures in journals. Just like my grandfather predicted, every time I started trying to work on jotting down my story, someone would break into my apartment and steal all of my notes (it’s why I’ve been nervously posting and deleting stories here on my blog ever since a group of crazy wizards started pacing around my neighborhood). The thieves at USC even took all of the items that reminded me of my grandfather’s lessons: a hand drum from Scotland, a Saint Brigid cross from Ireland, seashells I collected from Cabrillo Beach, rocks I collected in Palm Springs, the high school class ring that my grandpa gave me, and the alebrije sculptures that I used to make with my grandpa. The thieves would even steal my hair brushes and used feminine products from the trash can. The level of insanity seriously reached unbelievably desperate levels.

The real secret behind my own magic was learning to raise my own personal vibration level of my energy to a place that was a higher frequency than the energy of dark forces. I do that mostly through singing and dancing. My grandpa used to do experiments with me out at Tahquitz Canyon in Palm Springs, and he realized that the energy vibration of my singing voice drove Tahquitz back into his cave (Tahquitz was the original shaman in North America, and since he used his magic for selfish reasons, his soul turned into a violent demon that was tormenting the local residents previously. He used to be seen streaking across the night sky as a big green ball of energy).

My grandfather told me that his dad had left a whole bunch of secret lessons for me with his friend Walt Disney, and my shaman training was scattered for me throughout Disney movies. I realized recently that is seriously the coolest story ever…I am a shaman trained by Disney. That’s a story that definitely needs to be told! My grandpa asked me to try to have my energetic field photographed as I went through the process of emotional healing (which thankfully is now an option thanks to aura photography!). I’ve had my aura photographed a few times now along this journey. I just got an updated photo done this weekend, and there it is…the bright green energy he told me about, along with an output of golden healing energy.  😀


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