Doctor of Magic


When I was in high school, my grandfather kept insisting that my path in life was to be an artist, and I kept telling him he was wrong. I insisted that I wanted to be a doctor just like him and my uncle but he kept insisting that wasn’t my destiny. It made me so angry that he kept telling me that my fate was decided for me before I was born. That felt incredibly unfair and I couldn’t imagine how that could possibly be true. He kept telling me these seemingly crazy stories about how my soul was created through magic and I couldn’t understand how a rational-minded scientist could spend so many years trying to tell me a seemingly impossible story.

My grandpa told me that one day I would realize that everything he told me was true, and I would start singing, “jump in the line, rock your body in time…okay, I believe you!” He also told me that if I really wanted to be a doctor, perhaps I could consider myself a “doctor of magic” since I have “a way of magically making things happen”. At that point I thought he had completely lost his mind.

Then I had a dream recently urging me to watch The Princess and the Frog and I suddenly realized there were way too many coincidences with all of the things my grandpa had told me. My grandpa also told me that everyone has an inner villain, and getting in touch with our inner villain helps us on the path to anger management. When he had been in medical school, getting his second medical degree, people at USC started calling him a “voodoo doctor” because they didn’t understand the difference between osteopathy and magic. To be quite honest, many of the things that used to be considered magic are now understood as science though herbalism, chromatherapy, aromatherapy, etc. My grandpa had the time of his life playing pranks on them with a skull. He told me to always remember, “bigots spook easily!”

I have had uptight Christians judge me in the past because my family stories are “too magical”. It used to make me incredibly angry. I can’t control what my ancestors did in the past, or how I was born, and all of my family’s magical stories come from direct intervention from God and the Blessed Mother Mary. I realized that perhaps my grandfather was right, maybe I was just born with some very “unusual talents” to prove a point. I had a feeling he was trying to tell me something with his “doctor of magic” theory, so I looked up the translation of the villain’s name from The Princess and the Frog.

Dr. Facilier is named for someone who can easily make things happen. So perhaps my grandfather really was telling me the truth about everything. In that case, I really do have some very magical “friends on the other side”. Who’s ready to depart for “transformation central”? I know I am!

My grandpa intentionally withheld certain information from me about some of the things I experienced in life, and sent me on an information scavenger hunt about my own past. Once I tracked down all of the information, I realized I actually do have quite a few tricks up my sleeve and I didn’t realize most of my life. This is going to be an awesome story to tell. And with my story, no one gets to appropriate any of the details like they did to my great-grandfather. Someone please tell J.K. Rowling and the Baum family that I have a bone to pick with each of them.

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