The Rage of King Kong


When I was growing up, my grandfather told me the story of how his father came to the Los Angeles harbor while he was creating the artwork for the original King Kong movie, much of which was filmed in San Pedro, CA. While my great-grandfather (Juan Larrinaga) and his brother (Mario Larrinaga) were here in San Pedro, they volunteered their services to try to assist with planning and designing the expanding little community. Their offer to help was rejected repeatedly, and they could not understand why. They started doing some investigation and discovered that there was a battle going on within the Italian community here in the harbor, a battle that many believe is the ultimate battle between good and evil.

Many of the Italian Catholics that were helping plan the early harbor wanted to find ways to pay honor to the Blessed Mother Mary in the design of the area, but there were other Italians who absolutely did not want that to happen because they practiced a form of witchcraft that pays honor to the Italian goddess Diana and her “brother Lucifer”. My ancestors were enraged by this discovery. Most people who identify as magical or witches do not pay honor to the devil, but these witches definitely do.

My ancestors descended from a long line of Latin American Catholic Shamans, who were even honored as Mexican nobility for their incredible talents with bringing healing to communities through art and design, and for driving out evil forces. Juan was enraged that their offers to help were rejected, even though they were well-known artists in California. Juan offered his help again after they had designed much of Balboa Park in San Diego and The Brown Derby Restaurants in Hollywood, and again his offer to be of help was refused. He was enraged that these witches (both male and female) were doing such horribly evil things, giving all magical people a bad reputation. He feared that if this pattern continued, this country would likely see a revival in witch trials in the future. He was enraged that they could be so rude to outsiders when his only intention was to help this community. My grandfather told me that Juan’s rage about the situation fueled his artistic inspiration. When you see the rage in King Kong eyes, you are seeing the wrath of God that Juan felt to the depths of his soul.

My grandfather told me the whole story and at first I didn’t believe many of the things he told me. Then I started doing my own research since I’ve lived here and I realized everything he said was correct. There is indeed a group in San Pedro that I believe most likely still follows Aradia’s Gospel of Witches, hoping to fulfill an alleged “prophecy” about a woman who would be born with the destiny to become the most famous witch in history and to destroy the Catholic Church. My Sicilian ancestors actually fled Sicily because they were tired of being around people who used that “gospel” in order to spread fear and intimidation to establish the Italian mafia.

My grandparents trained me for most of my life on the signs to watch for, and trust me when I say that all of my red flags are going off lately in this harbor community. Everything my grandparents warned me to watch for has been happening. The funny thing is how these people think that God would create any soul with the destiny to destroy the Catholic Church. Don’t they realize that only our Creator is the one who is responsible for making souls? There may be someone with the destiny to reform and heal the Catholic Church, but that’s a whole lot different than destroying.

The reason why people involved with this group want to destroy the Catholic Church (and another group that my grandfather and I discovered in LA) is because they think that Catholics “block their magic”. Witches, if you think someone else is blocking your magic, maybe you just aren’t magical. Haven’t you ever heard of Saint Brigid of Ireland or Marie Laveau of New Orleans? They were arguably two of the most magical women in history and they were both devout Catholics. They both worked to bring peace and unity within their communities and did amazingly magical things in the process, all while peacefully converting many people to devotion to the Catholic Church. Perhaps you all are just “muggles” and haven’t realized it yet! Our Creator is the most magical being anywhere. Lucifer and Diana can’t stand a chance against the rage of God.

I thought it was hilarious recently how an Italian council was flooded immediately after rejecting measures on climate change. Perhaps some people locally need to take that as a warning…our Earth needs healing immediately if we all hope to survive. Stop messing around and arguing for your own selfish reasons and get to work!!

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