King Kong and Mickey Mouse


My grandfather told me that an important part of my path in life would be getting comfortable with all of the parts of my own story, even the parts that sound completely crazy or too magical to be real. He also told me that in order to find my path in life, I would need to learn to get in touch with my “inner villain” and figure out exactly where my inner villain originated. It’s been a challenging journey that has been stressing me out, often leaving me frustrated, confused, and lashing out with words that I don’t mean to release out into the internet. I’ve been posting and deleting, running around frustrated and trying to find the right words. I knew he told me I would need to fight a battle for peace with my words and my art, but trying to find the right way to do that has been a huge challenge. Then I remembered, my grandfather told me, start at the beginning and go from there…start with King Kong and Mickey Mouse.

My grandfather told me this story when I was young, and while we obviously weren’t there to verify the exact words said, I am approximating the words as best I can from my own perspective, imagining the conversation as if I were a fly on the wall observing. I used to get stressed out that telling the story will sound too unreal to believe…then I realized after much research that I can actually prove through science and records that the craziest parts of the story are true. This is my own best guess at how the story between my great-grandfather and his dear friend, Juan Larrinaga and Walt Disney.

Juan: Walt, these nazi’s have me so stressed out that I don’t believe I’m going to survive past this war! I am terrified for my great-granddaughter. Since we Curanderos are linked on an assignment, our souls tied together from one generation to the next, she will be forced to follow in the footsteps of her ancestors, and those footsteps have accumulated quite a bit of trauma for speaking out against the evils in this world. She will inherit great trauma and great physical pain, along with significant darkness. Her darkness in her soul will be necessary, for she will be forced to fight the evils here in California that I was not able to vanquish. She must learn to use her darkness to fuel her creativity and use it to fight for truth and justice. Otherwise, I fear the darkness may overtake her soul.

An important part of the Curanderismo healing process is learning to get comfortable with all of the parts of yourself and your ancestry, including the spiritual and religious traditions of your ancestors. You must teach your descendants at Disney to help everyone learn to get in touch with all of the roots of their ancestors. I fear you have great work ahead of you with the rise of nazi’s in Germany and fascists in Italy. Many people in America will need something huge to help them learn how to get comfortable with their German ancestry after this way, and I pray you can think of something big and amazing to help them do that. Italians will need the same, and I pray that history does not repeat within the Italian government.

My great-granddaughter will be the flip-side of me, I am the Mad Hatter and she will be Alicia. We are inexplicably linked. In this lifetime, a piece of her is a dear friend of mine, and in another time and another place, she was my daughter. She will feel that connection and will remember me, but she will need help. I have told everyone who will listen about the story, but I fear you and my son are the only ones who believe me. Please help her remember me, for when she remembers me, she will find her path in life.

My ancestors and I have been planning her arrival for several generations, and have laid the groundwork out for many years. Since we Curanderismo families are often souls recycled on a particular mission,  we have created a plan that allows her to have a variety of strengths and talents from a variety of people. The entire world will be reflected in her ancestry, and she will need to advocate for all of those who are oppressed during her lifetime. She will find her path when president 45 is in office, for the prophecy says that is when the world will need another 45 Rebellion, led by a red-haired Fraser of Lovat Jacobite princess. She will also be a Curendera princess as well, and she needs to be taught that even though she wants to find her own path in life, for some of us, our fate is laid out long before we are born.

My ancestors and I have gathered the fragments of her soul, and her soul is currently located inside a ruby ring that I have buried in the harbor. When her parents unite and come to the harbor, Alicia’s spirit will be released into the atmosphere. Since she is also tied to her Norwegian snow queen ancestor, the release of her soul into the atmosphere will trigger a huge snow storm in Palm Springs, which is where my son will take her to begin her training as a shaman. A fragment of her soul will remain in the ring, and it will call to her like a siren drawing her home to her rightful place. There will be other treasures that she will need to locate as well, and I pray that she will have assistance in that process.

Please promise me Walt that you will make sure she has guidance. You and my son are likely her only chance at surviving the fate that will head her way.

Walt: Trust me, mi amigo. You’ve got a friend in me. We are linked in this plan. We are family. I will always remember you.


Thank you to everyone who has helped me find and remember my path in this life. I’ve found bits and pieces of my story in many places and they have helped guide me tremendously. I love that Walt used the most flamboyantly fabulous castle in all of Europe as the inspiration behind Sleeping Beauty’s castle. It definitely helped me learn to love my own German ancestry!

I never used to believe the story about the ruby ring, until of course my son found a ruby ring buried in our front yard that exactly matched the description of the ring that my grandfather told me repeatedly when I was younger. I didn’t believe the part about my soul being trapped in the ring and then recently I found newspaper clippings that showed me that part about the sudden snow storm in Palm Springs also added up. A record huge storm rolled through Coachella Valley on January 31, 1979. My parents were married on January 21, 1979 and after their honeymoon, they arrived at their new home in Lomita, CA, just a few blocks away from where I live now.

Sure sounds to me like Juan was telling the truth, what do you think?

I can’t wait to go see Frozen 2 and see where life brings me as I begin my own journey into the unknown. :)

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