We Are Stronger Together


My grandfather used to tell me a story about our ancestors from the Basque region of Spain. Basque is an isolated portion of Spain, and because of that isolation, they weren’t all aware initially of what other Spaniards were doing in regard to the aggressive spread of Christianity around the world. My grandfather told me that when his Spanish ancestors heard what was happening in Mexico at the hands of other Spaniards, they decided to come help and try to be mediators of peace and unity.

Some of the Spanish immigrants saw an indigenous symbol that reminded them of their vision of what God’s eyes must look like. They realized it meant something similar to the Indigenous tribes, so the Spaniards then adopted the symbol as a sign of unity between the two seemingly different cultures, realizing we are ALL on the same team and we are all created equal in the eyes of our Creator. The symbol is now often referred to as an Ojo de Dios or God’s Eye (seen in the photo above). The reality is the beliefs of the Indigenous tribes really aren’t that different than our Judeo/Christian beliefs. We all believe we come from the same source, our Creator. Father Sky can be very closely related to our Christian view of God the Father. We all believe that we come from Mother Earth, and should remember that it is our responsibility to care for our Earth. Every creature on this planet was created for a reason and a purpose. And of course, we all hold dearly the memories of our ancestors who have left this world before us.

Walt Disney once asked my great-grandfather (Juan Larrinaga) how he thought up such creative ideas, like the concept of designing a hat shaped restaurant (The Brown Derby in Hollywood). My great-grandfather explained to Walt that the traditions that he learned through his indigenous ancestors were a large part of what fueled his creativity. Walt called my great-grandfather “the real life Mad Hatter”.

When I was in college, there were some horrible people who started digging into my family ancestry and started harassing me. I don’t believe it was a coincidence that then my apartment was then broken into several times, and the thieves stole almost every one of my belongings that reminded me of my grandfather and the lessons he taught me of our family history. They even stole the box of seashells that I had collected with my grandfather. Perhaps those fools thought they could somehow steal my “power” or the energy of my ancestors from stealing my belongings. Obviously they don’t understand that physical items on this Earth may come and go, but the memories and lessons of our ancestors live on in our hearts forever.

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