Look Into My Eyes

There is a story my grandpa asked me to tell one day. He had a fear that since history has a way of repeating itself, there would come a time in our American history where the majority of us would become desensitized to everything happening in the world around us. He told me that there was a common misconception about WHY the Nazi Holocaust started. He said most people believed it started in retaliation against the death of Jesus. The reality was that although Hitler had been raised Catholic, at some point he turned against religion and started seeking power through dark forces of the occult. Hitler actually wanted to remove the Jewish (and Catholic) community in Europe because he felt that they were blocking his attempts to gain power through darkness.

My grandpa showed me this scarf that had been passed down in his family through several generations. He showed it to me as a reminder that our Mexican branch of the family tree also contained Middle Eastern heritage. He told me that the scarf had been passed down along with a story that from that side of the family tree, we all descend from Jesus’ cousins. I was fascinated by the story…is there any way we can prove through science that is actually true? He hoped that one day scientists may come up with a way to trace back to the roots of Jesus’ family through DNA research, but I don’t think we are quite there yet. I asked my grandpa how would anyone know if they were Jesus’ cousin or not, and his reply stuck with me…we should all treat every single person walking the face of this planet as if they may indeed be Jesus’ cousin, and remember to be a loud ally for those in our world who are treated with disrespect or violence.

My grandpa told me how along with the scarf, many of us also inherited our distinctive eye shape from that branch of the family tree. He even showed me pictures that went several generations back and I saw how the eye shape definitely started from the Syrian/Lebanese branch of our family. Not long after 9/11, I actually gave up a career that I loved (that involved frequent air travel) because there was a woman on the TSA watch list who had my same eye shape, and I got tired of going through lengthy security screenings just because TSA agents couldn’t discern that we were too different people. It pains me when I see the news articles about the deadly disaster President Trump has created in Syria currently. When I look at their photos, all I can see is their same eye shape and I feel like our “president” is intentionally leaving them in danger.

I know the evangelical Christians in this country don’t seem to think Trump can do any wrong, but I strongly feel that it is up to the rest of us to shout out how this man is the furthest thing from being a Christian. Look in my eyes and now look back at the news articles about the Kurds in Syria who are dying as a direct result of Trump’s reckless behavior. If I really am a cousin of Jesus, I bet the same could be said of everyone who is being left to die. After the way he has treated the Latin American immigrant community (including confiscating everyone’s rosaries!), it starts to raise a whole bunch of red flags in my brain.

How can you possibly look in the eyes of those poor children and still think that Trump is actually a Christian? He says and does the exact opposite of everything that Christianity is supposed to represent. He intentionally gets people worked up about hot button issues like abortion and LGBTQ+ rights, and I tell you with conviction…it’s not because he is a religious person, it’s because he knows that is a great way to manipulate people’s minds and opinions. It is a classic move of narcissists. Don’t fall prey to his lies. Look at the bigger picture and form your own opinion.

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