Find Your Voice



When I was growing up, my grandpa told me a story repeatedly about how his dad and Walt Disney had brainstormed together about The Little Mermaid. His dad had a lot of dreams about me, and he knew that my life would have a lot of strange parallels to the original fairy tale (where the mermaid suffered from excruciating leg pain and constant bleeding). I think I can honestly say that my grandpa was probably the most excited human on the planet when that movie came out lol.

My grandpa told me that Walt didn’t believe the public was ready yet for a huge male witch, so Ursula symbolizes both the oppressive patriarchy in our society, and anyone who selfishly chooses to use others for their own benefit. He forewarned me that power-hungry people in our society often like to use “poor unfortunate souls” as a tool of manipulation and for the glorification of their own ego. In our society, politicians often use unborn babies, the LGBTQ+ community, and/or the homeless for their own “poor unfortunate soul” cries of manipulation. He also warned me that many men, often doctors, intentionally assault or injure women in an effort to metaphorically steal their voice, self-worth and energy. That repeated abuse is what destroyed Frida Kahlo’s health and it motivated my grandpa to make sure that I had all of the tools I needed in life to find my own emotional and physical healing.

If someone has assaulted you, it is often difficult to come forward and tell your story. I know that I had to go through a lengthy healing journey in order to find my own strength and voice again in life, and I hope by telling my story that it will help others reclaim their own voices as well.

Always trust your gut…your intuition is your God-given guide in this world. There are scars on my chest (near the music notes), and those scars were left behind from horrible hives from when I was in college. My body was reacting horribly to something and the hives were my warning sign. Now I look at those scars in gratitude because paying attention to the warning signs from my body played a big part in why I’m still alive today.

I’m eternally grateful for the lessons I learned from my family and the lessons passed along from Walt and also from our friends at Universal too (my grandpa told me to listen for a mermaid joke from Universal and I believe I heard it in the most recent episode of The Good Place!!).

Don’t ever let anyone steal your voice or your sparkle. We were each created unique for a reason. 😉 <3

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