Ave Maria



There’s been a question I’ve been asked repeatedly my entire adult life…”how did you know?!” or alternately, “how did your family know?!”. I could claim that I come from the most highly magical family of witches/wizards around. I prefer to answer with the truth…ideas and dreams just come to us and it’s probably just from praying the rosary. Scientists are actually currently studying the effects of praying the rosary on the brain, and studying Latin American mystical families (like my grandfather’s family), searching to understand how some families just instinctively know things before they happen. Some of the intuition also comes from being taught how to tap into our neural pathways in a way that most people didn’t start to understand until recently. The things that my Latin American/Spanish ancestors instinctively understood are actually quite similar to the things that my Celtic ancestors and my Italian ancestors all also instinctively understood. Certain things help us on our path in our spiritual life. For Catholics, praying the rosary is a huge aid in both calming our brains and leading us with faith into an often terrifying world.

Mary unites us across many cultures. To my Latin American ancestors, she is Nuestra SeƱora de Guadalupe (Our Lady of Guadalupe). To my Italian ancestors, she is Maria Stella de Maris (Mary Star of the Sea). Many of my ancestors (especially those on the Middle Eastern Catholic branch of my family tree), and myself included, view Mary as the feminine side of the Divine, which also unites us with our Jewish friends. Mary is the protector of her children and of the Earth, which also unites us with our neo-pagan friends.

October is the time of the year when it is said in many cultures that the veil between worlds thins. It is for this reason that the Catholic Church many years ago decided to honor the traditions that paralleled in both the Mexican and Celtic cultures, where people gather together on All Hallows Eve or Dia de los Muertos to pay honor and remember our ancestors who have passed before us. There are so many similarities between the traditions of each of those cultures that I find it simply fascinating. I don’t believe that is all just by coincidence. Since this is a time of year that often brings much sadness and worry as the veil thins, it is also the month of Mary and the rosary, for it is said that Mary protects all of her children, especially when we pray the rosary. I kept having things stolen from my apartment in college and one of the most frequently stolen items were my rosaries. To me, that only points even more proof that the rosary must be a really effective tool against evil.

I had major anxiety from the moment I saw that Donald Trump was elected president. I’ve been simmering angry his entire presidency. Then I realized that he has been ordering that all rosaries be confiscated from the detained immigrants. I tried to rationalize it, perhaps it was just because they worried a rosary would be used as a weapon…although my intuition tells me it’s more likely that they are afraid of how the rosary is a powerful spiritual weapon against evil. Then I saw that Trump ordered DNA analysis of the immigrants who are currently being detained.

That is when I realized it is indeed time to speak up. I believe I was targeted by a horrible group of men in college because of my Catholic faith and because my DNA contains a unique mix of ancestry…There are a whole lot of super magical sounding stories from my ancestors and part of me wished I had just kept my mouth shut about all of those (admittedly awesome) stories. I worried that maybe my grandfather had been correct and there was something specific about my mix of heritages that made me a particular target for those horrible men. I worry that might be the reason that government officials would be searching through DNA of immigrants…it’s almost as if they were given orders to look for a particular recipe some people are hoping to find!

I truly believe God will handle Trump and his minions one day and show them the huge error of their ways. It’s up to us in the meantime to stop letting horribly evil men divide and control our country and our emotions.

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