This Earth is Our Wonderland

It’s time to turn this country and the health of this Earth around.

Our country is currently going through what is known in a spiritual sense as a “dark night of the soul”. It feels like things are hopeless and will never improve. I went through something very similar with my own health a little over a year ago. My whole body was falling apart and more than one spine doctor told me they weren’t sure if my problems would even be fixable with surgery. I was simultaneously worried that my uterus was finally going to succeed in killing me, after 25 years of making my life absolutely miserable.

I didn’t give up hope though because I had always been told that with God anything is possible. So I trudged through the stress that goes along with a hysterectomy, and committed myself to working on healing my spine myself, with the plan given to my by my doctor grandfather. Even though it felt hopeless, I figured any improvement was better than nothing when I was absolutely in agony. Then something amazing happened. With daily work, faith in God and working on shifting my neural pathways to a more positive mindset, I was able to completely turn around my health.

I firmly believe that we can do the exact same thing for the health of this country and more importantly for the health of this Earth. We just have to be willing to put in the work. I’m ready to fight to heal this planet…are you?

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