The World in My Eyes


Our country has become overtaken by the “us versus them” mentality. The part that really pushed me over the edge lately has been all of the talk about “if you don’t like it here, go back to where you came from.”

I have an appearance that my grandpa used to tell me was like a mood ring…whatever people want to see in me, or don’t want to see, that’s what they will notice first. My family lineage reaches around the entire span of the globe. I am at my core an American. My children are the 5th generation in our family to live in Los Angeles. Some of my fondest memories growing up are about hearing how all of the branches of my family tree came together from different countries and tried to help shape Los Angeles into the diverse city that it is today. I am absolutely not happy with the direction our country has taken lately but there’s no way I’m leaving. Just like so many other Americans, this is my home. Our diversity as a country is what made me possible as a human being existing on this planet.

Within my dna contains the message that some people seem to have forgotten recently. Our diversity is what unites us and makes us stronger. That’s why most of our ancestors came here…to seek freedom. Beyond this country of the United States, we are a global community. Everyone on this planet originally started from one united continent, and the shifts in geography separated our ancestors. It’s time we start working together as a team, remembering that we are all interconnected, and we are all on this planet together. If we stop fighting with each other, perhaps we can take a moment to see the bigger picture…that our Earth is crying out for help. We all share this one planet, and there is no backup plan. Let’s change the cycle of hate into one of love and unity and start working together as a team, not as enemies.

The colored areas of the map in my eye above show all of the areas where I trace my ancestry. I recently had my dna analyzed and there were a few surprises in there that I didn’t expect (my grandpa and I both did extensive research on all of our lineage). I didn’t quite light up every continent, but it sure came close! The most interesting part of my dna report was that 1.9% is still as of yet undetermined origin. My grandpa used to joke that our family arrived here from the future to spread a message of diversity, love and unity. Who knows…maybe he wasn’t joking. 😉

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