I’ve been trying to avoid social media a lot lately because our current political situation has not been helpful for me with my current goal of lightening my stress level. I had actually posted this composite previously, and then once I saw the news that day, I was horribly upset and deleted my post. However, since tomorrow is election day, I want to get rid of any shred of voter apathy that I can in my own way, so I am re-posting, this time with an explanation behind the photo.

Many years ago, I had a dear friend who helped me realize that my Myers-Briggs personality type is INFJ, the “activist” personality. I am introverted, intuitive, and “feeling” (which is a good way to describe a lot of sensitive creatives). I have a strong desire to create art that speaks to my own unique personality type.

In the past, I have felt guilty of going through periods of voter apathy. However given our current political environment, where people in this country seem to have gone backwards in what is now considered socially acceptable behavior, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and frustrated. Violence is never the answer. Hatred is never the answer. There is one simple thing that we can all do that will help show the people in this country that hate will not win. This stopped being about Republican vs. Democrat a long time ago. This is about taking back ownership of the ideals of this country. Equal human rights for everyone. An end to racism, bigotry and discrimination. An opportunity to start to spread a message of love, acceptance and equality for everyone in this country. Today is election day. If you have not voted already, don’t miss out. Your vote is your most powerful weapon. It’s time to put that power to good use.

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