Changes and Updates!

The past couple of months have been a bit rough for me, but it’s given me a lot of time to reflect on which parts of my life need improving, which is always a good thing! Now that my physical pain is lessening, it’s given me even more clarity.
I realized right before my surgery that I have big regrets about the fact that I have very few pictures of myself and my younger son. As women, we tend to be our own worst critic and it is easy to make a million excuses about why you aren’t going to be in the photo.
I don’t want my clients to later look back and regret not being in the photos at all when their baby was born (I know I definitely regret that!). I know as an introvert myself, it can often be challenging to get in front of a camera, and even harder to look directly into the camera. When you are tired, it becomes even more challenging (I know I get a weird droopy eye when I’m tired lol). I’m going to start urging my newborn clients to get in front of the camera, even just for one photo. Think of these photos as a future gift for your child!
Also, I will be resuming fall bookings next week, and opening bookings for 2019! Clients who signed up for my waiting list get first dibs but bookings will resume on Tuesday for everyone else. :smile:

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