Baby Findley’s Newborn Session

I know when a lot of parents are shopping around for a newborn photographer, some of the time estimates given by photographers can be daunting. Who really wants to sit around somewhere for four hours to take photos? I sure wouldn’t want to be somewhere that long right after having had a baby! Over the years, I have refined my techniques and my workflow to be as fast and efficient as possible, to help minimize the strain on tired new parents. I know when you’ve just had a baby, you often want to get back to resting in your own bed as soon as possible! Sweet little Findley’s mama was quite relieved when I told her there was no way I was going to need to spend four hours just to get great photos of her baby!

For clients who don’t like the idea of spending several hours in a studio, or who don’t have the budget to spend as much as on a longer-length newborn photo session, I have been offering our “Petite Newborn Session”. This session is an hour long, including time for feeding baby. :) I have refined my system down to an efficient workflow where I am able to provide clients with a robust gallery of diverse images, all in around an hour! It doesn’t get much easier than this! :)

Sweet little Findley came in for a Petite newborn session, and I actually challenged myself to set a timer and see if I could complete the entire workflow in under an hour. :) I usually only blog favorites from each session but wanted to share his whole gallery here to give an idea of what parents can expect if they are interested in booking our Petite Newborn Session option! :)

2017-02-15_0001 2017-02-15_0002 2017-02-15_0003 2017-02-15_0004 2017-02-15_0005 2017-02-15_0006 2017-02-15_0007 2017-02-15_0008 2017-02-15_0009 2017-02-15_0010
Capturing all of those sweet little close up newborn details are so important to me. I feel like they bring you back to the feeling of when your baby was first born in such an amazing sensory way, and I love that Findley’s mama exactly described that feeling to me when I sent her their photo gallery! The close up detail shots are always included with all of my newborn sessions (to my shock, that apparently wasn’t the case with the photographer they went to with their first baby!).2017-02-15_00112017-02-15_0024 2017-02-15_00132017-02-15_0023 2017-02-15_0015 2017-02-15_0016 2017-02-15_0017 2017-02-15_0018 2017-02-15_0020 2017-02-15_0021

The following image was technically not part of my one-hour workflow, and a prop like this normally wouldn’t be included in the Petite Newborn Session option. However, when I have something new that I want to get photographed (like this sweet little new fox hat), I often like to incorporate a bonus for my clients as long as time permits, etc. :) I’m so happy that we were able to get this sweet little fox in this log!
My black and white photo galleries are normally an add-on, but occasionally there is an image that I have to include as a bonus for my clients in black & white since I love it so much with a black and white conversion!
Want more information about our newborn session options? More information is available on our website here.

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