Newborn Baby Reese

Sweet little baby Reese and her beautiful mama came into the studio recently for her newborn session! I have to admit, my sweet little 3 year old son gave me the inspiration for most of the photos in her session. :) Since my husband is originally from Texas, I tend to follow a lot of photographers from Texas. I always get excited when I see them posting their outdoor sessions in the fields of bluebonnets and cotton fields. The cotton fields in particular are my favorite. I have a weakness for white flowers in general and cotton flowers are just so soft and sculptural. Incorporating lots of soft textures is one of my favorite things about styling newborn sessions.

I keep joking that my husband should request a transfer back to Texas at his job, just so I can start taking photos in the pretty cotton fields and gorgeous meadows of wildflowers. My older son is particularly wise for his ripe old age of 3 years old and said to me one day, “Mommy, we don’t have to move to Texas to get pictures of cotton flowers! You have cotton flowers and those other big white flowers all over the house. Why don’t you just use some of your fake flowers in your pictures?” Mic drop. The kid is a creative genius. I’m so glad he is around as my little creative assistant. :)

I also love pink, but I am very particular about the shades of pink I like. This soft ballet pink is the only type of pink I like (probably because I grew up doing ballet most of my life). If I had a baby girl of my own, these are the photos I would have done for her. :) Creams and soft blush pink and my favorite cotton branch stems. I just love it.alicia_in_wonderland_photography__1017-1 alicia_in_wonderland_photography__1018-1
When we first moved to our house back in 2012, I fell in love with our next door neighbor’s magnolia tree. We actually made the smallest bedroom in our house the master bedroom just so I could see that tree when I wake up each morning. :) That’s how much I love seeing the big white blooms in the summer months! I started collecting faux magnolia flowers to decorate our home and my office, to compliment my love for southern decorating style. That was before I discovered my love for watching Fixer Upper and Magnolia Market too (that’s a whole other story lol). I’ve had this pretty magnolia wreath for so long and I can’t believe it took my son mentioning it to make me realize how adorable it would be with a sweet little baby girl in the wreath! :)alicia_in_wonderland_photography__1016-1
I love the way our garden changes colors with the fall and all of the pretty fall leaves on our fig tree, grape vines, and other fruit trees. When it is too cold on a fall day to do newborn photos outside in the garden, I love bringing little bits of the garden into my nice warm studio! The leaves in this photo are from my fig tree, little vineyard, and my eucalyptus plant, which I love for its silvery gray colors!alicia_in_wonderland_photography__1019-1
I always love getting a photo of mama and their sweet little baby together!alicia_in_wonderland_photography__1021-1
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