Many years ago, back when I worked for clothing companies (like 7-8+ years ago?), I worked with a mom and her boys who were modeling our upcoming season of clothing for our photo session. I didn’t have kids at the time, and I thought I was doing okay in terms of interacting with the boys and keeping them motivated and excited, and then the mom said to me at the end of the day, “you clearly don’t have kids do you?”
I was so heartbroken and taken aback. It was an offhand comment but really stung. I knew I loved working with kids, but didn’t think I could have any at the time. I never really understood why she said that or what it was about, but that comment haunted me for years. It even followed me over as a major insecurity after I became a mother.
That stupid little remark made me feel like I had no skills for working with children in regard to photos. Sleeping babies are easy, but actual kids with opinions and thoughts and their whole world that I don’t quite understand? Obviously I must stink at that. So I pushed off doing a ton of family photography for many years, still feeling like I must stink at it. I knew how to relate to young girls since I was one at one point, but boys…foreign territory!
Then over the past year or so I realized that I have been blessed with two little boys, each with a very different personality. Now that the little one is more kid than baby, I am really starting to see the differences. Despite their differences, there are some things that seem universal in boy land. Things like sticks and anything with wheels. The special love they have for their mom. I could go on and on. 🙂
The more I started looking for these things with my own boys, the more I really started falling in love with family photography. This is a very long winded story, but when that little guy in this photo picked up this really cool piece of driftwood, I knew I had to capture the way he proudly tucked it over his shoulder, like it was a well deserved trophy. These are the things that inspire me now most with my family photography sessions. 🙂 #familyphotographer #familyphotography #clickinmoms #cmprep
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