Changes for Family Sessions in 2018

I have had a somewhat challenging year in terms of the problems with my spine progressing further. I had several serious injuries in the past and have dealt with chronic pain for many years. Unfortunately, the problems seem to have rapidly accelerated over the past year. Making some changes over the past few months have helped a lot, along with a minor procedure to better manage the pain. However, I need to start being more mindful of the fact that while I may feel younger than my actual age, my spine seems to think I’m about 90 years old. Fun times lol.

So I am making a few changes for bookings going forward. Evening and weekend sessions are particularly grueling for me since those are when my back is the most sore. I rely on that time to recover from the strain of the work day or my “days off” when I am with my two wild little boys all day. :) My husband’s travel schedule is also set to increase again in 2018, which means even less down time for me to rest my back.

So to plan accordingly, I will be scaling back on the number of openings I have for evening and weekend sessions, which affects family session bookings and offsite maternity sessions. These will not affect sessions that take place during normal business hours, namely newborn and studio maternity. I am not in a race to become the most frequently used photographer in our area, and I am okay with that (now…lol in the past I have been hard on myself and often compared myself to how many sessions other photographers were able to shoot). I actually feel like my problems with my chronic pain force me to focus on more individualized attention for each client without getting too overwhelmed or cramming in too much.

Historically, the fall is the busiest time of year with work for both my husband and myself, so I am often left frantic and stressed out and with two little boys whining nonstop about daddy being out of town. So I am planning now that next year in November and December, when it is peak time for family photos, I will only be offering sessions here in our studio garden and studio. If you are interested in booking a beach, in home, Disneyland, or other offsite family session for 2018, please be sure to book prior to November. The past few years I have found myself spread way too thin and rushing from appointment to appointment, knowing that my kids are already way too stressed out because my husband is missing for a week or two.

I also have recently added an “availability” page on the main site, listing how many openings I have remaining for each type of photo session. You can find this page here. Since I am only booking a limited number of family sessions each month, please note that I am already nearly full through February.

If you are interested in a wildflower session like the one I did with my own boys below, peak time for wildflowers is usually March-April.

Also, I absolutely depend on my pint sized assistant for sitter milestone sessions (my 4.5 year old son), so milestone sessions will now only be offered when he is available to assist me. He is amazing at getting babies to smile and crack up laughing!

I am going to be focusing less on mini sessions for 2018, and focusing more on just my standard workload. I may offer something special and seasonal if all goes as planned in November though! I also have something special planned for Mother’s Day!



Thanks for reading through all of that, and I hope to see you in 2018! If you would like more information on my family session options, please email us here:

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