Jennifer’s Fine Art of Motherhood Session | South Bay & Long Beach Breastfeeding Photographer

Jennifer scheduled her Fine Art of Motherhood session as a breastfeeding session. I know from experience that breastfeeding toddlers often have their own agenda, so we rolled with it and got a variety of photos!

Jennifer was kind enough to answer these questions about her experience for this blog post!

1. How has your opinion of breastfeeding changed since you have been a mother?
I was raised around breastfeeding, so it was always a part of the maternal role in my family. I never realized there was such negative stigma surrounding it. I find myself wanting to fight this stigma by advocating for nursing in public and the positive benefits associated with breastfeeding.

2. What is your favorite thing about breastfeeding?
The connection shared between mother and child. The feeling that I can give of myself and provide him with food and comfort whenever and wherever he needs it.

3. What has been your biggest challenge in your breastfeeding journey?
In the early months, we struggled with proper technique, as well as clogged ducts and mastitis. Also, upon returning to work, I struggled with low pumping output.

4. How has breastfeeding gotten easier as your baby has gotten older?
My supply now meets his demand. It feels like we are old pros at this thing!

5. What is your favorite breastfeeding memory?
Not really a memory, and in fact, it still happens daily – we laugh and play while he nurses. It is so cute to see him cracking up while nursing. In those moments, everything is as it should be.

6. Why are breastfeeding photos important to you?
I know that this is just a brief moment in our relationship, which will be replaced by other wonderful moments for years to come. Being able to capture this time in photos will allow us to reflect back on this wonderful bond shared between us.

7. Please share a bit about your experience with your photo session.
Alicia made us feel so comfortable. She is also a breastfeeding mother, so she really understands the breastfeeding relationship between mother and child. She also understands that little ones don’t always follow instruction, but she was able to capture some of the most amazing photos in those off moments.
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