New Policies & Belated New Year’s Resolutions! | South Bay & Southern California Baby Lifestyle Photography

One of the most difficult things as an artist is pushing yourself outside your normal comfort zone. I remember one of my most difficult artistic challenges was back in college, in one of my graphic design classes. My professor felt that I was not being challenged enough by the regular instructions for the Photoshop projects, so he altered my assignment to include an oil painting on canvas for one of my layers. I had never painted anything on canvas before that assignment, and it scared me. It ended up being one of my favorite projects, and it helped me realize that I actually love painting also!

I tend to just use my “real” camera for formal photo sessions with our baby, using just my iPhone for the everyday, lifestyle images. I also love color, and very rarely end up showing any of my black and white conversions online. I decided that my (belated) New Year’s resolution is going to be to start challenging myself to take more casual, lifestyle images of our baby, and post more black and white images. I am even going to make a new lifestyle category on the main site. :) I hope everyone will enjoy watching this personal challenge!

One of the things that held me back last year on taking too many casual lifestyle images was how much I filled up my hard drive and server on a regular basis with client images. I let people procrastinate paying for their orders for far too long, and I let people put off ordering at all for months and months. I didn’t want to offload or delete anything since I felt that I would be providing poor customer service if it took me longer to fulfill their order once they eventually got around to completing it. When I realized that allowing people to take advantage of my generous nature was preventing me from taking as many pictures of our son as I would like to take, I realized that it was time to make some policy changes. I am definitely going to be running a tighter ship around here in regards to sticking to my policies going forward!

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