Happy Earth Day from Our Little Family! | South Bay & Palos Verdes Fine Art Newborn Baby Portrait Photographer

Recently, we welcomed our newest little family member…our baby boy, E! We have been quite busy taking tons of photos of him, and will be posting all of his little newborn photoshoots soon. In the meantime, I had to share these photos from today in celebration of Earth Day. We always say that in our house, every day is Earth Day, and many days are Arbor Day (we love planting trees anywhere we can find more space!). To celebrate Earth Day, E is all dressed up in some of his favorite little organic cotton pieces.

While I was pregnant with E, I had to spend the majority of my pregnancy on bed rest, and was unable to tend to our garden the way I normally do (you can read about my unusual pregnancy experience on my lifestyle blog here). I was very happy to find today that despite months of neglect, certain areas of our garden were still being productive! This is our first garden harvest of the year and I am very excited. While I was unable to tend to growing everything I would have liked in the garden, we are happy beyond words with what I was spending my time working on growing…our amazing little boy! :)


Below: baby E peacefully relaxing in the grass while I gathered the fruits and veggies, and a full view of all of the treasures from our garden today! I found tons of lemons, oranges, kumquats, limes, figs, artichokes, mint and other herbs, and a massive beet that I planted from seed and forgot about. :)

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