Goals for the New Year! | South Bay & Southern California Family Lifestyle Photography

I wanted to do a weekly post last year with daily lifestyle photos of my son, but I quickly got out of the habit of keeping up with that. The past few weeks have been a bit nuts around here while we worked on remodeling my studio, but I still have been trying to start fresh for the new year with that goal of capturing more of our every day moments with my big camera. My computer was disconnected for a while, so I am just getting caught up now with photos from the past couple of weeks. Here are some favorites. :)

We went all out with the Christmas lights this year because our son kept pointing at our couple strands of lights and telling me, “more, more!”. He was so excited about all of the lights that he had to bring his baby doll outside and show her the lights. :)
I’m not even sure what was going on in this photo, but apparently these three were having some fun boys’ time playing together.
An evening walk along the beach with my little man.aliciainwonderlandphotography
This guy seriously wishes he was an outdoor cat.aliciainwonderlandphotography

My goals for the new year include keeping up with this weekly photo project, working on more composite photos and fine art photos, entering more photo contests, finishing this studio remodel, and finally finishing our garden project. :)

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