Mr Green Thumb’s Bath Time

My younger son looks a lot like my husband but I joke that he is my mini-me because he loves gardening so much. He gets quite dirty though when he helps me with the gardening so sometimes he ends up with multiple baths in one day lol. He’s growing up so fast and as much as I love seeing his little personality come out more and more, it is bittersweet since I wish he would stay my baby forever! (I can’t have any more babies so he’s definitely our last.)

alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1082 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1083 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1084

I just love his curls. He really needs a haircut but as his hair is growing out more, the roots are more blonde than red and I don’t want to get rid of his gorgeous reddish curls lol.alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1093 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1085 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1086 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1087 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1088 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1089

He loves to grab the phone whenever my husband calls me. :)


And a couple of bonus photos of my three strawberry blonde handsome guys. :) I just love how my cat looks so cozy with my husband in these. He’s so proud…yup, I’m cozy with Daddy!alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1091

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