Don’t miss out on this special contest!

For a while now, I have offered promo specials and mini sessions for seasonal events, holidays, or when I have something new that I’m excited about. After a certain point, as a business owner, you have to evaluate when things are working for you and when they are not. I realized a while back that model calls usually do not work out as I would hope, and so I stopped offering them. Mini sessions have historically not been profitable for me, but yet I have kept trying to offer them since I see other photographers do so well with them. I have been busy enough with full length sessions to keep me happy, but I still wanted to try a couple of summer mini sessions if there was enough interest. The response was disappointingly underwhelming, so at this time, I don’t have any additional plans to add on any other mini session events.

I have also tried offering promos on certain types of sessions periodically, things that I am excited about and want to do more. Unfortunately, many people see the words “promo” and “discount” and think that is an invitation to haggle. So going forward, I also do not have any promotions or discounts planned. I have fixed expenses for every session I shoot, so I absolutely do not do any sessions for trade (because lately people keep asking).

I have really been inspired lately by expanding into what I call “fine art lifestyle” photos of my boys and a few client sessions, and I have been so creatively energized by these sessions. They have ignited a creative spark in me that I haven’t found with other types of photography. So I offered a promo discount on in-home family sessions over the weekend, and unfortunately announcing that promo in one particular Facebook group was more of a headache than worthwhile.

I love Restoration Hardware, and I used to be addicted to their sales. I have to admit, I was more than a little disappointed when they made the switch to a members only discount versus having sales. The thrill of the hunt is part of what makes the sale so exciting! However, as business owners, constantly trying to plan the details of your next sale or promo stops making sense after a while. I remember reading the explanation when RH made the change and thinking, that makes so much sense, I should implement a similar policy! Then I didn’t actually have the guts to do it until now! Going forward, there will only be a few opportunities for discounts: Baby Plan clients, clients who receive a special discount card from one of my marketing partners, past clients who refer me new bookings will still receive a studio credit for their referral, and on occasion I may offer a special discount or bonus for the clients in my VIP group. I have no additional discounts, promos, mini sessions, etc. planned going forward.

I am however still really excited about the fact that I am now offering in-home family sessions again (it’s been a couple of years since I last was able to offer them), so I am offering one last session giveaway contest! You can find all of the details over on our Facebook page…scroll down to find the photo of my son shown below and you will find all of the details. The winner of the contest will be announced on Friday so if you are interested in entering, don’t delay! :)


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