Newborn Session Color Palette

A while back, I did a post with my color palette that I have available for maternity sessions (you can find that post here in case you’re interested). I’ve been meaning to do a similar post for newborn sessions too but finally got around to it! While I love layers of whites and creams, especially for newborn sessions (and I have plenty of white and cream options), I have also invested in lots of additional options for my newborn clients, to best customize to each individual family’s tastes and style, while still staying within my own personal style and aesthetic.

I adore neutrals and find them calming and timeless. I have a large range of neutral options, beyond just whites and creams. If you love grey, I may be the right photographer for you because I love grey. I even have a grey/white area of my garden that I use for most of my newborn sessions!

I also love soft, muted colors. I love soft dusty roses, muted greens, lavender, and light blues. I do have a few other items in various other colors available for use as needed (colors such as light yellow, etc.), but I tend to stick to the color palette below for most of my newborn sessions. The colors below all combine beautifully together, allowing for a large range of options.

I don’t do a lot of bright colors, so if you are hoping for photos full of lots of bold and bright colors, I’m not the right photographer for you. I much prefer soft, classic colors that put the focus on the baby, instead of the eye immediately being drawn to the bright color in the photo.

I’m currently in the process of adjusting my garden a bit so that the entire garden coordinates with the color palette below. It’s just a few minor changes, but I’m excited to have the entire place feel more in line with my usual style. :)



Want more information on our newborn session options? More information is available on our website here.


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