My Inspirations Series: Maternity Sessions


One of my goals for 2017 is to work on a series of blog posts here that focus on my artistic inspirations. I feel like you can learn a lot about a photographer based on the types of things that inspire them. Do they keep up with all of the latest trends on Pinterest (sorry, that’s so not me), or does their creative process come about in a different manner? When you are selecting a maternity and newborn photographer, you will usually end up spending a significant amount of time with that person, so I feel it is important to make sure that you find a photographer who matches your own personal aesthetic and personality. :) I spend a lot of time with each of my clients, planning out the types of photos they would like in their session, wardrobe, etc.

Previously, I used to try to add colors to my collection of props and wardrobe semi-randomly. I started to realize over time that I had a lot of things in my prop closet that didn’t really match my own personal aesthetic. My biggest resolution for 2016 was to “KonMari” my life, and I purged like crazy! I am definitely not a strict minimalist, but I am so incredibly happy with the progress I have made in the past year. A stark, minimal style is totally not my artistic perspective (I would pretty much quit out of boredom if every newborn session I shot was just the minimalist, all white-on-white-on-white style), but I am absolutely in love with my pared down color palette and selections.

I feel like there are several different types of people (and photographers)…those who love the minimal, all white look, those who love neutrals, those who love color, and those who fall somewhere in between those three. I am somewhat in between. I adore neutrals for their versatility and relaxing feel.  I also love color, but just certain colors. I don’t like brights or overly saturated colors. Honestly, I feel like I spend so much time staring at my computer while editing that bright colors make my visual cones feel tired. I can’t explain it exactly, but something shifted for me after becoming a parent.

When my husband and I first bought our current house, we were bored with the neutral color scheme we had in our old rental house, where every room was the same color of greige. We loved the color, but it just got to be too much. So when we moved here, we both were excited for COLOR! :) Then we became parents and realized that our aqua living room with accents of golden yellow and forest green (color scheme copied from a gorgeous room in an interior design book) used to feel energizing to us, but after becoming sleep deprived parents, it suddenly felt like it was grating on our nerves. I had always been a big Shabby Chic/vintage farmhouse style girl, but my husband (who ironically grew up out in the country) preferred something more modern feeling. It took us a while but we finally found a color palette we could both agree on, and it focused mostly around a palette of neutrals. :) We realized that what we didn’t like about the old house was that every room was the exact same color. Now we have a range of greys, greige, and white and we are so much happier with the result!

I especially love neutrals for newborn photography since they are so flattering on creamy baby skin tones, and they create a timeless heirloom quality to the photos, that will go with any decor changes clients may make in the future. For maternity photography, I have focused my maternity dress palette around the color palette I have for my own capsule wardrobe. :) I used to have an entire room filled with my wardrobe (that’s what happens when you work in the fashion industry for a really long time!). Once our second son was on the way, I realized we needed more space, so I seriously downsized my own wardrobe to go from filling a room to just filling an antique armoire. It has seriously been the best thing ever. I love having such a cohesive palette of interchangeable pieces to work with!

After tackling my personal wardrobe, I moved on to my maternity/motherhood wardrobe collection. I thought about the types of things that inspire me, and selected colors based on that. It ended up being the same colors as my personal wardrobe, with a few additional colors. :) Here is my newly refined maternity color palette, with the largest swatches being the three primary colors of my collection. You can get even more of a feel for the types of things that inspire me based on the name I selected for each color. 😉


Want more information on our maternity session options? Information is available on our website here.

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