Newborn Session Color Palette

A while back, I did a post with my color palette that I have available for maternity sessions (you can find that post here in case you’re interested). I’ve been meaning to do a similar post for newborn sessions too but finally got around to it! While I love layers of whites and creams, especially for newborn sessions (and I have plenty of white and cream options), I have also invested in lots of additional options for my newborn clients, to best customize to each individual family’s tastes and style, while still staying within my own personal style and aesthetic.

I adore neutrals and find them calming and timeless. I have a large range of neutral options, beyond just whites and creams. If you love grey, I may be the right photographer for you because I love grey. I even have a grey/white area of my garden that I use for most of my newborn sessions!

I also love soft, muted colors. I love soft dusty roses, muted greens, lavender, and light blues. I do have a few other items in various other colors available for use as needed (colors such as light yellow, etc.), but I tend to stick to the color palette below for most of my newborn sessions. The colors below all combine beautifully together, allowing for a large range of options.

I don’t do a lot of bright colors, so if you are hoping for photos full of lots of bold and bright colors, I’m not the right photographer for you. I much prefer soft, classic colors that put the focus on the baby, instead of the eye immediately being drawn to the bright color in the photo.

I’m currently in the process of adjusting my garden a bit so that the entire garden coordinates with the color palette below. It’s just a few minor changes, but I’m excited to have the entire place feel more in line with my usual style. :)



Want more information on our newborn session options? More information is available on our website here.


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Garden/Studio Mini Session Date Added, with New Options!

If you’ve been following my work for a bit, you may have heard me mention that mini sessions are something I have often struggled with in the past. I love being able to offer them though when I can! I sat down and reviewed my upcoming fall schedule in depth and started to get a little worried about how I’m going to fit everything in with my son’s school schedule shifting to pre-k hours, which means a lot more driving for drop off/pick up for me. I came up with a schedule and a plan that should work well for us each week, but doesn’t leave a ton of time for non-newborn sessions, like baby milestone sessions and breastfeeding sessions, etc. I started thinking how it might be a good idea to try out a mini session day one day a month, with a variety of options available.

So, I am trying out something new for August! This will be similar to the garden minis I offered previously, but with additional options. For the toddler/preschool aged kids (up to age 5), there will be the carousel horse and antique horse tricycle options available, as shown below.

alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1351 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1352
I will also have one prop available for sitting babies…I am considering using the antique crib shown below but may have another option available. :) alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1355

I am also including an option with these minis for maternity and breastfeeding photos! There will be both standing and sitting options available (standing option shown below, although those roses are not currently blooming as much as they were previously in the Spring).

Also, since August is National Breastfeeding Month, 25% of each breastfeeding mini session will be donated to BreastfeedLA!alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1353
I will also have my new amazing vintage chair set up in the garden, and you can see a sneak peek of that chair in use with my boys and me below (this is just an Instagram cell phone sneak peek photo since those ones aren’t edited yet). The photo below was taken in my garden greenhouse, but the mini sessions will take place in the vineyard area of our garden, as shown above in the horse mini photos and the maternity photo (the crib photo was taken in the rose garden area, which will not be included for mini sessions).




Studio minis example:


Here’s all of the details!

Garden minis, for sitting babies and young kids (ages 6 months-5 years old):
1 prop will be available for sitting babies, carousel horse and horse tricycle will be available for toddlers/older kids. $75 includes 5 edited images of your selection. Minis last up to 10 minutes long.

Garden minis for maternity/breastfeeding:
Maternity minis are for mother-to-be only. Chair and standing options available. Breastfeeding mini is for nursing mother and baby/child only (no older siblings, sorry). $100, 5 images of your selection, up to 20 minutes long.

Studio minis for maternity/breastfeeding:
Maternity minis are for mother-to-be only. Chair and standing options available. Breastfeeding mini is for nursing mother and baby/child only (no older siblings, sorry). $100, 5 images of your selection, up to 20 minutes long.

Wardrobe options are not provided for any of these minis, with the exception of floral head crowns which will be available for use for moms. If you are interested in a longer mini session with wardrobe styling, please contact me for additional info. Baby/kids minis are for one child only. If you have multiple children, please reserve one space per child.

You can request your space through the following links:

Baby/Child Garden mini:…/garden-baby-kids-minis/

Sitting Baby Studio mini:

Maternity/Breastfeeding garden mini:…/maternity-breastfeeding-garden-mini/

Maternity/Breastfeeding studio mini:

If your child is sick on the day of the event, please notify me prior. Your session fee will either be refunded or rescheduled to the next available mini session date. No custom rescheduling requests can be accommodated for mini sessions.

An e-contract and session retainer invoice are required to reserve your session appointment. Once you complete your session request via the link above, you will later receive your contract and invoice. Mini sessions take place in our studio garden in Harbor Pines, CA. Wardrobe options and custom set design are not available for mini sessions. Mini session photos will take place in vineyard area of studio garden or indoor studio, depending on your selection. Entire garden is not available for use for mini sessions (e.g. rose gazebo, pond, greenhouse, etc. are not available for use for mini sessions). Photo galleries are usually ready for review within 1-2 weeks, then you can select your favorites, which will be fully edited and then provided for download (editing process usually takes up to 2 weeks for mini sessions).

*No posed newborn photos available for mini sessions and no family mini session options available.

You can find additional information on our location here:

Please email us here with any additional questions you may have.





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Newborn Baby Beverly

Sweet little baby Beverly came into the studio recently with her parents for her newborn session! I was very excited to use some new props and backdrops for her session, such as my “new” vintage quilts. I especially love the one with the little kitten on it below!

I used my favorite barnwood backdrop for Beverly’s photos with her parents. :)

alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1186 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1187
I also used my new mid-tone wood backdrop/floordrop for Beverly’s photos. I love the way the mid-toned wood looks with shades of blush pink and peachy tones.alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1188 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1189 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1190 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1191 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1192 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1193 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1194
Look at that amazing head of hair!!alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1195 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1196 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1197
It was a bit of a gloomy, overcast day when they came for their session so I brought some roses from my garden into my studio and we also did some photos in my garden greenhouse, where it is always nice and warm. :)alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1198 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1199 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1200 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1201
Want more information on our newborn session options? More information is available on our website here.

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Tammy’s Fine Art of Motherhood Garden Session

Tammy came for a garden session with her mother and her daughter, for a three generation motherhood session! Such a sweet idea, and I am so grateful to have been able to capture the bond between these three lovely ladies! :)

alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1248 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1249 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1250 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1251 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1252 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1253 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1254 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1255 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1256 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1257
Want more information on our motherhood and family sessions? More information is available on our website here.

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Anette’s Maternity Session in the Studio

Anette came into the studio recently for her maternity session, and I was very excited to use my new “wall of windows” for her session! I just love the dreamy look it creates for maternity sessions (and newborn family photos too!). My studio has very few actual windows so I’m quite proud of this new little setup that I came up with. :)

I’m looking forward to meeting Anette’s baby soon! :)

alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1204 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1205 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1206 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1207 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1208 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1209
Want more information on our maternity session options? More information is available on our website here.

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Brown Family’s Disneyland Session

I was so excited to be able to capture sweet little Abigail’s first trip to Disneyland! :) Abigail was 8 months old when we met for her family’s session, and she was so excited to take in all the excitement and magic of Disneyland! I love that she kept on her mouse ears the whole session too. Such a cutie!

We were able to plan this session so we got photos at both the Disneyland side and the California Adventure side too, which is always so much fun!

alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1226 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1227 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1228 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1229 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1230 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1231 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1232
Want more information on my Disneyland/California Adventure family session? More information is available on our website here.

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Newborn Baby Carter

Sweet little Carter was so calm, alert and awake for the first part of her session! Often when newborns are awake, they can be fussy and unsettled, but Carter was perfectly content to hang out in my new little basket and observe what I was up to! :) She eventually fell asleep, but my favorite photos from her session are the ones where she was awake.

This grey wood set is definitely one of my favorite backdrop options, and I love it with the various layers of grey and black. If you’re a parent who loves grey and expecting a baby soon, I’m your gal…I think around 1/3 of my go-to pieces at this point are various shades of grey lol.


alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1130 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1131 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1132 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1133 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1134 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1135 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1136 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1137
Pink is one of my other favorites! I pretty much consider these soft shades of blush and pink to be neutrals. 😉 I love how they bring out the rosiness in the cheeks of little baby girls.alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1138 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1139 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1140

Want more information on our newborn session options? More information is available on our website here.

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Grace’s Garden/Studio Maternity Session

Grace came into the studio and my studio garden a couple months ago for her maternity session, and she will be coming back very soon with her sweet baby boy! I originally had other plans for the garden portion of her session, none of which went according to my original plan! Those areas I intended to use are still a work in progress, but one day they will be ready according to my plan in mind. :) In the meantime, I realized there are so many areas of my garden that I’ve actually never used yet for maternity photos! Things get updated/changed so often in our garden that sometimes it is difficult to keep up. :) I had so much fun doing a garden tour with this sweet mama…can’t wait to meet her baby boy soon!

alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1159 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1160 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1161 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1162 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1163 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1164 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1165 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1166 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1167 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1168 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1169

Want more information on our maternity and newborn session options? More information is available on our website here.

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Baby Eva’s Studio Session & Changes to Baby Session Policies

I’ve been meaning to make some changes to my policies on baby sessions for a while, and every now and then, you realize how necessary those changes really have become. Sweet little Eva came for her “newborn” session recently, and was a last minute add-on booking. Somehow in the process of email correspondence, I misunderstood about Eva’s age. I usually only offer my newborn mini session (the Petite Newborn session) for babies under 14 days old, since after the 14 day mark, most newborns take longer to settle and a longer session is needed. I offer my full-length newborn sessions through 5 weeks old (which is pretty generous by industry standards), but the shorter session is intended for just babies within that two week time frame.

Eva’s mom contacted me and wanted to book a session for her baby the same week. I had been already having a busy week, but I never like to turn away a baby if at all possible! :) So I squeezed them into my schedule, and realized after they arrived that she was well past the two week window. :) It was totally my mistake for not following up in more detail!

So, going forward…I am going to start making sure that anyone who books after baby is born goes through a phone consult with me prior to the session. I also will not be taking any newborn bookings with less than 48 hours notice because anything shorter does not allow clients to go through my session prep process, which is so crucial for the success of the session. I also am restructuring my session options to include two options only…newborn and sitter (or standing once baby gets around 1 year old). The phase between newborn and sitting is often a very difficult time of transition for babies, and many are quite fussy at this stage. The majority of my props and baby wardrobe options are sized for either newborn or sitter, and I realized it didn’t make a ton of sense to continue to hold onto a bunch of items for between that range when I honestly don’t enjoy those sessions in that in between period.

Little Eva was sweet but she made me work for these photos! These photos below are a few of my favorites from her session, which actually took place on the second day she came in. The first day she came in was just lots of crying unfortunately.


alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1233 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1234 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1235 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1236 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1237 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1238 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1239 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1240

Want more information on our newborn and baby session options? More information is available on our website here.

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Don’t miss out on this special contest!

For a while now, I have offered promo specials and mini sessions for seasonal events, holidays, or when I have something new that I’m excited about. After a certain point, as a business owner, you have to evaluate when things are working for you and when they are not. I realized a while back that model calls usually do not work out as I would hope, and so I stopped offering them. Mini sessions have historically not been profitable for me, but yet I have kept trying to offer them since I see other photographers do so well with them. I have been busy enough with full length sessions to keep me happy, but I still wanted to try a couple of summer mini sessions if there was enough interest. The response was disappointingly underwhelming, so at this time, I don’t have any additional plans to add on any other mini session events.

I have also tried offering promos on certain types of sessions periodically, things that I am excited about and want to do more. Unfortunately, many people see the words “promo” and “discount” and think that is an invitation to haggle. So going forward, I also do not have any promotions or discounts planned. I have fixed expenses for every session I shoot, so I absolutely do not do any sessions for trade (because lately people keep asking).

I have really been inspired lately by expanding into what I call “fine art lifestyle” photos of my boys and a few client sessions, and I have been so creatively energized by these sessions. They have ignited a creative spark in me that I haven’t found with other types of photography. So I offered a promo discount on in-home family sessions over the weekend, and unfortunately announcing that promo in one particular Facebook group was more of a headache than worthwhile.

I love Restoration Hardware, and I used to be addicted to their sales. I have to admit, I was more than a little disappointed when they made the switch to a members only discount versus having sales. The thrill of the hunt is part of what makes the sale so exciting! However, as business owners, constantly trying to plan the details of your next sale or promo stops making sense after a while. I remember reading the explanation when RH made the change and thinking, that makes so much sense, I should implement a similar policy! Then I didn’t actually have the guts to do it until now! Going forward, there will only be a few opportunities for discounts: Baby Plan clients, clients who receive a special discount card from one of my marketing partners, past clients who refer me new bookings will still receive a studio credit for their referral, and on occasion I may offer a special discount or bonus for the clients in my VIP group. I have no additional discounts, promos, mini sessions, etc. planned going forward.

I am however still really excited about the fact that I am now offering in-home family sessions again (it’s been a couple of years since I last was able to offer them), so I am offering one last session giveaway contest! You can find all of the details over on our Facebook page…scroll down to find the photo of my son shown below and you will find all of the details. The winner of the contest will be announced on Friday so if you are interested in entering, don’t delay! :)


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