Jessica’s Maternity Session

Jessica met me a couple months ago for her maternity session, and we went to one of my favorite spots down the street from here for part of her session, and then came back to the studio for the rest of her maternity session with her sweet boys!

Other than my garden, this trail is one of my favorite outdoor spots, and I love how it is just a few minutes away from us. :)


I love getting a variety of looks all in the same spot, just varying use of natural light. :)2017-10-02_0054

Doesn’t this mama look gorgeous?2017-10-02_0055

I absolutely love my pretty swing chair in the studio for maternity sessions!2017-10-02_0056 2017-10-02_0057

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Baby A’s 7 Month Garden Session

Sweet little baby A came in for a 7 month milestone session in our studio garden! Garden milestone sessions are my favorite option for sitting babies…so many options! If a baby is bored in one spot, there are plenty more areas to go check out! Also, my warm and cozy greenhouse is even available for use year round…rain or shine, even in the cooler winter months. Babies will be warm and cozy in there for winter milestone sessions. :)

I know that babies at this stage put everything in their mouths, so I intentionally plant only edible flowers and grow everything organically for baby’s safety. :) I know most gardens or outdoor spaces aren’t grown specifically with baby safety in mind!

2017-10-03_0090 2017-10-03_0091 2017-10-03_0092 2017-10-03_0093 2017-10-03_0094 2017-10-03_0095 2017-10-03_0096
She pulled herself to a standing position for the first time in my little antique crib! She was so proud of herself! Such great timing to be able to capture an actual milestone for baby during the session. :)2017-10-03_0097 2017-10-03_0098 2017-10-03_0099 2017-10-03_0100 2017-10-03_0101 2017-10-03_0102 2017-10-03_0103 2017-10-03_0104 2017-10-03_0105 2017-10-03_0106 2017-10-03_0107 2017-10-03_0108 2017-10-03_0109 2017-10-03_0110 2017-10-03_0112

Baby A wore a mix of clothes her parents brought and options from our studio wardrobe. :) Want more information on our baby milestone session options? Contact us here through our website for more information.

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Jameson’s 1st Birthday Cake Smash Session

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know this sweet little guy pretty well over the past few months, so Jameson got to be the first to try out my new cake smash option in my newly redecorated studio!

I had stopped offering cake smash sessions for a while this year because it got to be too challenging with my own extremely serious food allergy (I can’t even touch regular cakes without getting sick so outside cakes are not an option here unfortunately). I had found a local bakery that was supposedly allergen friendly but they messed up three orders over a period of two weeks for me. Luckily it wasn’t the kind of mess ups that could have killed me but I don’t trust them for the future for sure. There is only one bakery that I actually trust but they are quite far and shipping for a cake is quite expensive so it got to the point where I said “why bother”.

But cake smash sessions can be so much fun! So I decided to try my hand at making a little cake for Jameson. :) I used to bake a lot before we had babies of our own, and now that my boys are starting to get a little older, it’s easier for me to do fun stuff like this again! I decorated the cake with pretty little herbs and edible flowers from my garden (all organic too!). :)


2017-10-03_0045 2017-10-03_0046 2017-10-03_0047 2017-10-03_0048 2017-10-03_0049 2017-10-03_0050 2017-10-03_0051 2017-10-03_0052 2017-10-03_0053 2017-10-03_0054 2017-10-03_0055 2017-10-03_0056 2017-10-03_0057 2017-10-03_0058 2017-10-03_0059
Want more information on our baby milestone and cake smash options? Please contact us here for more info.

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Newborn Baby Koa

Sweet little Koa came into the studio recently with his family for his newborn session! I had so much fun with this session and Koa is a lucky little guy to have such an amazingly sweet big brother to look up to!

2017-10-02_0059 2017-10-02_0060 2017-10-02_0062 2017-10-02_0063

The photos below were requested by Koa’s parents since his dad is a paramedic! I love incorporating special family themed photos like these. It makes the photos feel even more like a treasured piece of the family history. :) I don’t think Koa was as excited about the helmet shot as the rest of us, but settled in enough for me to get photos to use for the composite below. :)

2017-10-02_0064 2017-10-02_0065 2017-10-02_0066 2017-10-02_0067 2017-10-02_0068

Want more information on our newborn session options? More information is available on our website here.

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Denot Family’s Hiking Session

A few months ago, I met up with the Denot family at one of my favorite little hiking spots. This family is so sweet and I love being able to capture their family as the kids have grown over the past few years. :)

You can’t tell from the photos (thanks to the magic of my editing), but their littlest actually tripped and scraped her nose at the start of the session. I always like to assure my clients not to worry about any bruises or scrapes on their kids since I make sure to handle all of that in my editing process. This was one of the rare times I’ve seen a family whose kids had no boo boos when they arrived for the session, but that didn’t last too long. 😉 Toddlers especially always seem to end up with bumps and scrapes but I make sure that I remove all of that in editing so my clients just remember how sweet and adorable their little ones look!

2017-10-02_0038 2017-10-02_0039 2017-10-02_0040
I love sweet sibling hugs!!2017-10-02_0041 2017-10-02_0042 2017-10-02_0043 2017-10-02_0044 2017-10-02_0045 2017-10-02_0046 2017-10-02_0047 2017-10-02_0048 2017-10-02_0049


One of my own favorite things about having a son…being surprised with little bouquets of flowers and hugs. :) <3

2017-10-02_0051 2017-10-02_0052

I have a few openings remaining for family sessions this year…contact us through our website for more information!

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Go Fish – My Boys at Home

I try to make a little time on Saturday mornings to edit a few photos of my own boys. It doesn’t always happen, but when I try to remember to make the time to do it, it helps relieve my stress and frustration from dealing with their whining and fighting all week long. :)

They were playing so nicely together here with a fishing game our neighbor gave them. alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_2155
Playing nicely quickly turned into fighting. I still wanted to document the moment somehow so in came some intentional blur. 😉alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_2154-1
Our sweet little dog came over to check on them to see if they could try to get along lol.alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_2153-1
When my husband came home, the little one wanted some lessons on how to beat his brother at this game next time. 😉alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_2156

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Browning Family Beach Session

I love family sessions by the ocean, but I’m not a huge fan of the typical sandy beach spots. I feel like everyone has so much more fun when there is a bit more to explore, like in my favorite tide pool spot, just a few minutes away from our studio. :)


alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_2118-1 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_2119-1 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_2120-1 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_2121-1 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_2122-1 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_2123-1 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_2124-1 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_2125-1 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_2126-1 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_2127-1
We are currently booking fall family mini sessions and there are currently a couple of spots left for the ocean minis like this session! Full details found here:

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CLOSED: Special Discount Available for Two Newborn Models!

I recently redid all of my wooden backdrop options in the studio, and I’m very anxious to get some updated example photos of some of my favorite props! :) A special discount is available on a baby-only newborn session for two babies due in the next couple of weeks, one boy and one girl.

Baby must be between 5-14 days old at the time of the session to qualify for discount and session is for baby only, no siblings included.

If you are interested in more information, please email us here.

alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_2004 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_2006


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CLOSED – Fall/Winter Mini Session Options!

Our mini session options are now closed. We do not have any additional mini session dates planned at this time. If you would like more information on booking a full length family session, please email us through our website here.

alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1997 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1975 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1998alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1976 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1987 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1986 





Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are these mini sessions available on any other dates?

A: Mini sessions are only available on the listed dates and times. No additional dates or locations will be added this year.

Q: Can I have an alternate setup/backdrop/props/location for our mini session?
A: Mini sessions are only available with the options shown in the example photos. If you would like a more customized session, you can book a full length family session for 2018. I do not have any remaining availability for full length family sessions for 2017.

Q: Which option should I pick? What time of day should I pick?
A: You know your family best. Take into consideration your child(ren)’s usual wake/sleep schedule. Avoid scheduling a session in the hour prior to nap time. If you would like photos of your toddler walking around, a garden session would be best.

Please note some session options may not be suitable for every family. Ocean minis are at tide pools and if your child is not a steady walker, they should be held the entirety of the session.

Q: Can I bring my dog?
A: Per city ordinance, dogs are not permitted at the ocean location. Dogs are welcome in our studio garden. We apologize but the two family session options in the studio this year are not dog friendly sets.

Q: Can I pay later?
A: Mini session payment is due in full in order to reserve your session. An e-contract will also be sent after checkout in order to complete your booking.

Q: Can I print the photos? Are they edited?
A: Finished photos are provided in full resolution size with print release, and clients are welcome to print the photos anywhere they would like. A set of web-optimized files are also provided for uploading/sharing convenience. All selected photos are hand edited.

Q: Can I pick my photos? Will there be others available?
A: Clients are provided a proofing gallery after mini session for image selection. Additional images are usually available for purchase at $20 each.

Q: Are the photos retouched?
A: All photos are hand edited and include light retouching, which includes skin smoothing, blemish removal, and softening of fine lines. Any additional requests for extensive retouching beyond what is included are subject to additional retouching fees.

Q: What happens if my kid is sick the day of the mini sessions?
A: In the event of illness, please contact us prior to your mini session and alternate options can be provided.

Q: Do you provide wardrobe options like the outfits shown in example photos?
A: Due to time constraints with mini sessions, wardrobe options are not provided. All clients must be dressed and ready upon arrival. If you are interested in booking a longer session option where wardrobe is provided, please email us for more information. Longer sessions are subject to availability.

Q: How long does each mini session last? Is it really enough time to capture enough good photos?
A: Kids minis last up to 10 minutes, family mini sessions last up to 15 minutes. It may sound short but when a photographer knows how to get a lot of variety in a short amount of time, that is plenty of time. I know from experience that lots of young kids, especially toddlers, don’t have the attention span for much longer than that! After booking, you will also be emailed a prep guide on how to ensure the best results with your family.

Q: Can I book the kids mini session for my newborn/baby?
A: Kids minis are only available for babies who are able to sit independently and older. Up to age 5 is the recommended age since the set and props are small in size.

Q: Can I use the kids mini session options for family photos?
A: We apologize but due to the design of those set options, they cannot be used for family photos.

Q: Where are you located? Can you send me the address?
A: We are located in Harbor Pines, CA. If you are not familiar with the area, Harbor Pines is easily located via Google or Apple Maps (part of the city of Los Angeles). Address and detailed directions are sent to clients upon booking.










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Baby Noah’s Newborn Session

Sweet little Noah came into the studio recently for his newborn photo session! I loved the combination of props that his mama requested from our prop catalog. They went so well together and I love the way the finished look of the whole session. I always love any session with a bit of a of Magnolia Market vibe! :) I especially love my new shiplap style backdrop with these props!

alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1877 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1878 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1879 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1880 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1881 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1882 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1883 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1884 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1885 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1886 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1887
Noah’s mama and I went to the same elementary school back in the day so it was so nice to catch up with her! She is wearing one of my handmade garden head wreaths, available exclusively for my clients upon request. :)alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1888
Want more information about our newborn session options? More information is available on our website here.

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