CLOSED: Special Discount Available for Two Newborn Models!

I recently redid all of my wooden backdrop options in the studio, and I’m very anxious to get some updated example photos of some of my favorite props! :) A special discount is available on a baby-only newborn session for two babies due in the next couple of weeks, one boy and one girl.

Baby must be between 5-14 days old at the time of the session to qualify for discount and session is for baby only, no siblings included.

If you are interested in more information, please email us here.

alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_2004 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_2006


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CLOSED – Fall/Winter Mini Session Options!

Our mini session options are now closed. We do not have any additional mini session dates planned at this time. If you would like more information on booking a full length family session, please email us through our website here.

alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1997 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1975 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1998alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1976 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1987 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1986 





Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are these mini sessions available on any other dates?

A: Mini sessions are only available on the listed dates and times. No additional dates or locations will be added this year.

Q: Can I have an alternate setup/backdrop/props/location for our mini session?
A: Mini sessions are only available with the options shown in the example photos. If you would like a more customized session, you can book a full length family session for 2018. I do not have any remaining availability for full length family sessions for 2017.

Q: Which option should I pick? What time of day should I pick?
A: You know your family best. Take into consideration your child(ren)’s usual wake/sleep schedule. Avoid scheduling a session in the hour prior to nap time. If you would like photos of your toddler walking around, a garden session would be best.

Please note some session options may not be suitable for every family. Ocean minis are at tide pools and if your child is not a steady walker, they should be held the entirety of the session.

Q: Can I bring my dog?
A: Per city ordinance, dogs are not permitted at the ocean location. Dogs are welcome in our studio garden. We apologize but the two family session options in the studio this year are not dog friendly sets.

Q: Can I pay later?
A: Mini session payment is due in full in order to reserve your session. An e-contract will also be sent after checkout in order to complete your booking.

Q: Can I print the photos? Are they edited?
A: Finished photos are provided in full resolution size with print release, and clients are welcome to print the photos anywhere they would like. A set of web-optimized files are also provided for uploading/sharing convenience. All selected photos are hand edited.

Q: Can I pick my photos? Will there be others available?
A: Clients are provided a proofing gallery after mini session for image selection. Additional images are usually available for purchase at $20 each.

Q: Are the photos retouched?
A: All photos are hand edited and include light retouching, which includes skin smoothing, blemish removal, and softening of fine lines. Any additional requests for extensive retouching beyond what is included are subject to additional retouching fees.

Q: What happens if my kid is sick the day of the mini sessions?
A: In the event of illness, please contact us prior to your mini session and alternate options can be provided.

Q: Do you provide wardrobe options like the outfits shown in example photos?
A: Due to time constraints with mini sessions, wardrobe options are not provided. All clients must be dressed and ready upon arrival. If you are interested in booking a longer session option where wardrobe is provided, please email us for more information. Longer sessions are subject to availability.

Q: How long does each mini session last? Is it really enough time to capture enough good photos?
A: Kids minis last up to 10 minutes, family mini sessions last up to 15 minutes. It may sound short but when a photographer knows how to get a lot of variety in a short amount of time, that is plenty of time. I know from experience that lots of young kids, especially toddlers, don’t have the attention span for much longer than that! After booking, you will also be emailed a prep guide on how to ensure the best results with your family.

Q: Can I book the kids mini session for my newborn/baby?
A: Kids minis are only available for babies who are able to sit independently and older. Up to age 5 is the recommended age since the set and props are small in size.

Q: Can I use the kids mini session options for family photos?
A: We apologize but due to the design of those set options, they cannot be used for family photos.

Q: Where are you located? Can you send me the address?
A: We are located in Harbor Pines, CA. If you are not familiar with the area, Harbor Pines is easily located via Google or Apple Maps (part of the city of Los Angeles). Address and detailed directions are sent to clients upon booking.










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Baby Noah’s Newborn Session

Sweet little Noah came into the studio recently for his newborn photo session! I loved the combination of props that his mama requested from our prop catalog. They went so well together and I love the way the finished look of the whole session. I always love any session with a bit of a of Magnolia Market vibe! :) I especially love my new shiplap style backdrop with these props!

alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1877 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1878 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1879 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1880 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1881 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1882 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1883 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1884 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1885 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1886 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1887
Noah’s mama and I went to the same elementary school back in the day so it was so nice to catch up with her! She is wearing one of my handmade garden head wreaths, available exclusively for my clients upon request. :)alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1888
Want more information about our newborn session options? More information is available on our website here.

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Baby Daniel’s Newborn Session

Sweet little baby Daniel was one of the first babies recently to get to use some of my brand new backdrop options! He is such a sweet, mellow little guy…and such an amazing head of hair! :)

Here are a few favorites from his newborn session in our studio!

alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1899 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1900 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1901 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1902 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1903 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1904 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1905
Want more information on our newborn session options? Visit our main website here.

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Brand New Cake Smash Options Now Available!

I’ve been in the process of updating our baby milestone session options, and after a while of not offering cake smash sessions, I am now happy to announce that cake smash sessions are back! I’ve found some better options that work out much better with my severe egg allergy, so I’m happy that I can resume offering cake smash sessions again!

Want more information on our cake smash baby birthday sessions? Email us for more info through our website here:

 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1790 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1786 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1787 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1777alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1780
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Teresa’s Family Maternity Session in the Studio

Teresa came into the studio recently for her family maternity session, and I had so much fun meeting her and her family! I know I say that a lot of sessions were fun (which is easy to say since I love what I do!) but the happiness and love within this family made my job so easy! They were one of the first families to use my new casual family bed photoshoot option, and I love how it helps toddlers relax for the photos. :) Nothing better than the whole family spending time cuddling!


alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1543 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1544 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1545 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1546 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1547 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1548 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1549 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1550 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1551 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1552 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1553 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1554 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1555

My new bed set has two options…white/cream or grey. If you follow my blog, you know I love having variety and lots of options for sessions! :)

I can’t wait to meet their littlest one soon!alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1556 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1557 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1558 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1559
Want more information on our maternity session options? More information is available on our website here.

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My Interview with VoyageLA Magazine!

Recently I was interviewed by VoyageLA Magazine, and I am very excited to share the article! It talks about my inspirations, my journey (and struggle) with starting this business, etc. You can read it at the following link:

Meet Alicia Fraser-Stanley of Alicia in Wonderland Photography in South Bay


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Keli’s Maternity Session in the Studio

Keli came into the studio recently for her maternity session, and is glowing! Prior to her session, I had gotten some amazing new chairs for in my studio and in my garden greenhouse, and I was really excited to use them for her session. I also had a few other new ideas for ways to use things I’ve had in the studio for a while. :) I used to work in floral design back in college, and I also realized I haven’t been putting those skills to use lately…so I designed and made this pretty head wreath of roses and succulents from my garden for Keli’s session.

alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1533 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1534 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1535

I love this swinging chair for so many reasons…perfect for cuddling and rocking newborns to sleep, and also makes for great maternity/mama photos. The vintage handkerchief curtains have been around in the studio since we first moved here (they were actually originally part of our wedding decor!), but I hadn’t thought of trying them out as a “backdrop” until now. I really love how that photo by my French door in the studio turned out!alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1536
This is my other new chair that I’m really excited about! It’s currently in my garden greenhouse and I absolutely love using it for maternity and newborn mama photos. :)alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1537
Want more information on our maternity session options? More information is available on our website here.

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Newborn Session Color Palette

A while back, I did a post with my color palette that I have available for maternity sessions (you can find that post here in case you’re interested). I’ve been meaning to do a similar post for newborn sessions too but finally got around to it! While I love layers of whites and creams, especially for newborn sessions (and I have plenty of white and cream options), I have also invested in lots of additional options for my newborn clients, to best customize to each individual family’s tastes and style, while still staying within my own personal style and aesthetic.

I adore neutrals and find them calming and timeless. I have a large range of neutral options, beyond just whites and creams. If you love grey, I may be the right photographer for you because I love grey. I even have a grey/white area of my garden that I use for most of my newborn sessions!

I also love soft, muted colors. I love soft dusty roses, muted greens, lavender, and light blues. I do have a few other items in various other colors available for use as needed (colors such as light yellow, etc.), but I tend to stick to the color palette below for most of my newborn sessions. The colors below all combine beautifully together, allowing for a large range of options.

I don’t do a lot of bright colors, so if you are hoping for photos full of lots of bold and bright colors, I’m not the right photographer for you. I much prefer soft, classic colors that put the focus on the baby, instead of the eye immediately being drawn to the bright color in the photo.

I’m currently in the process of adjusting my garden a bit so that the entire garden coordinates with the color palette below. It’s just a few minor changes, but I’m excited to have the entire place feel more in line with my usual style. :)



Want more information on our newborn session options? More information is available on our website here.


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Garden/Studio Mini Session Date Added, with New Options!

If you’ve been following my work for a bit, you may have heard me mention that mini sessions are something I have often struggled with in the past. I love being able to offer them though when I can! I sat down and reviewed my upcoming fall schedule in depth and started to get a little worried about how I’m going to fit everything in with my son’s school schedule shifting to pre-k hours, which means a lot more driving for drop off/pick up for me. I came up with a schedule and a plan that should work well for us each week, but doesn’t leave a ton of time for non-newborn sessions, like baby milestone sessions and breastfeeding sessions, etc. I started thinking how it might be a good idea to try out a mini session day one day a month, with a variety of options available.

So, I am trying out something new for August! This will be similar to the garden minis I offered previously, but with additional options. For the toddler/preschool aged kids (up to age 5), there will be the carousel horse and antique horse tricycle options available, as shown below.

alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1351 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1352
I will also have one prop available for sitting babies…I am considering using the antique crib shown below but may have another option available. :) alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1355

I am also including an option with these minis for maternity and breastfeeding photos! There will be both standing and sitting options available (standing option shown below, although those roses are not currently blooming as much as they were previously in the Spring).

Also, since August is National Breastfeeding Month, 25% of each breastfeeding mini session will be donated to BreastfeedLA!alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1353
I will also have my new amazing vintage chair set up in the garden, and you can see a sneak peek of that chair in use with my boys and me below (this is just an Instagram cell phone sneak peek photo since those ones aren’t edited yet). The photo below was taken in my garden greenhouse, but the mini sessions will take place in the vineyard area of our garden, as shown above in the horse mini photos and the maternity photo (the crib photo was taken in the rose garden area, which will not be included for mini sessions).




Studio minis example:


Here’s all of the details!

Garden minis, for sitting babies and young kids (ages 6 months-5 years old):
1 prop will be available for sitting babies, carousel horse and horse tricycle will be available for toddlers/older kids. $75 includes 5 edited images of your selection. Minis last up to 10 minutes long.

Garden minis for maternity/breastfeeding:
Maternity minis are for mother-to-be only. Chair and standing options available. Breastfeeding mini is for nursing mother and baby/child only (no older siblings, sorry). $100, 5 images of your selection, up to 20 minutes long.

Studio minis for maternity/breastfeeding:
Maternity minis are for mother-to-be only. Chair and standing options available. Breastfeeding mini is for nursing mother and baby/child only (no older siblings, sorry). $100, 5 images of your selection, up to 20 minutes long.

Wardrobe options are not provided for any of these minis, with the exception of floral head crowns which will be available for use for moms. If you are interested in a longer mini session with wardrobe styling, please contact me for additional info. Baby/kids minis are for one child only. If you have multiple children, please reserve one space per child.

You can request your space through the following links:

Baby/Child Garden mini:…/garden-baby-kids-minis/

Sitting Baby Studio mini:

Maternity/Breastfeeding garden mini:…/maternity-breastfeeding-garden-mini/

Maternity/Breastfeeding studio mini:

If your child is sick on the day of the event, please notify me prior. Your session fee will either be refunded or rescheduled to the next available mini session date. No custom rescheduling requests can be accommodated for mini sessions.

An e-contract and session retainer invoice are required to reserve your session appointment. Once you complete your session request via the link above, you will later receive your contract and invoice. Mini sessions take place in our studio garden in Harbor Pines, CA. Wardrobe options and custom set design are not available for mini sessions. Mini session photos will take place in vineyard area of studio garden or indoor studio, depending on your selection. Entire garden is not available for use for mini sessions (e.g. rose gazebo, pond, greenhouse, etc. are not available for use for mini sessions). Photo galleries are usually ready for review within 1-2 weeks, then you can select your favorites, which will be fully edited and then provided for download (editing process usually takes up to 2 weeks for mini sessions).

*No posed newborn photos available for mini sessions and no family mini session options available.

You can find additional information on our location here:

Please email us here with any additional questions you may have.





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