Newborn Baby Beverly

Sweet little baby Beverly came into the studio recently with her parents for her newborn session! I was very excited to use some new props and backdrops for her session, such as my “new” vintage quilts. I especially love the one with the little kitten on it below!

I used my favorite barnwood backdrop for Beverly’s photos with her parents. :)

alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1186 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1187
I also used my new mid-tone wood backdrop/floordrop for Beverly’s photos. I love the way the mid-toned wood looks with shades of blush pink and peachy tones.alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1188 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1189 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1190 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1191 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1192 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1193 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1194
Look at that amazing head of hair!!alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1195 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1196 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1197
It was a bit of a gloomy, overcast day when they came for their session so I brought some roses from my garden into my studio and we also did some photos in my garden greenhouse, where it is always nice and warm. :)alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1198 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1199 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1200 alicia_in_wonderland_photography_los_angeles_newborn_photographer_1201
Want more information on our newborn session options? More information is available on our website here.

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